Why the name "Christian Way"?

Because it wonderfully expresses the way of life as Jesus Christ's follower, going on a spiritual way to God by Jesus Christ. In Acts 9:2 this way of life was called The Way, and soon after that the disciples received the name Christians, as it is said in Acts 11:26: "It was first in Antioch that the disciples were by divine providence called Christians".

The "Christian Way" designates the way Christians walk on, following in the footsteps of Jesus (1Peter 2:21) since He is the only way to God (John 14: 6) and to Salvation. Therefore, we want to walk on the narrow way leading off into life (Matthew 7:14), receiving and listening to His teaching (Matthew 7: 24-29), making all things into Him (John 15:1-5), to the glory of God (1Peter 4:11).

The purpose of this site is:

• Promoting Bible as the inspired Word of God (2Timothy 3:16-17), the Word that is 100% True.
• Preaching the Gospel (the good news) about Jesus Christ.
• Encouraging that we take the cross, deny ourselves and follow Jesus Christ.
• Explaining the Bible, its doctrine, prophecies, history, etc.
• Promoting Bible teaching for living Christianly, in a way that pleases God.
• Exposing the devastating heresies, which some of the religions, religious cults and sects have and promote.